PR coaching? What exactly is that?

Well, we know not everyone can afford to have a PR firm on retainer.  However, if you have already spearheaded the vision and development of your project, all the way to inquiring about JMPR’s services, then why not execute your own public relations campaign?

JMPR works one-on-one with visionaries to not only teach the fundamentals of public relations (identifying targeted audiences, creating messages and angles, and strategically approaching those publics that will buy into the client’s products/services), but we also provide the tools necessary to ensuring the success of the campaign.   Most importantly, we will not leave you out there alone to navigate your product/service in the public.  JMPR will serve as your advisor, proof-reader, and cheerleader. 

JMPR focuses on two major areas when coaching clients:  internal relations and public relations.  JMPR stands firm that whatever happens internally is often reflected externally.  JMPR works with clients to help ensure a firm infrastructure to avoid any public embarrassment.

Internal relations coaching includes, but is not limited to, helping the client to develop a strategic plan, assembling a board of directors, writing bylaws, creating and developing programs, writing grant proposals, and providing assistance with the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status application. 

Public relations coaching includes, but is not limited to, helping the client to create buzz about their product/service/event, establish strategic partnerships, establish media relationships, secure event sponsors, and assisting the client to be positioned into a viable brand.

Six (6) sessions – $620.00

JMPR also offers a six-month coaching retainer for six (6) hours of coaching per month.  For rates, please contact JMPR using the contact form.