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A PR Disaster: Erica Campbell’s Tight White Dress Scandal

Tweet Alrighty.  Seems like quite a few Christians are giving their two cents about Gospel artist,

It Takes Two: Making Room for Business Partnerships

Tweet Yay!!!  It is officially the Christmas holiday season and the party invites are plentiful. If

Down, but Not Out: Washington Post Features Boxer Diane Dynamite Clark

Tweet Well, well…..another client of mine gets a full feature in the Washington Post and coverage

Are You Living Your Truth?

Tweet Several times this week I thought about truth.  Particularly, are we, as Christians and Believers,

Guest Post: The Advantages of Using Engines Such as WordPress is all about Your Control

Tweet Hey, loyal readers! This is a guest post by one of my biz associates and

Are You Talking Yourself Out of Opportunities?

Tweet If I allowed it, it could be quite irritating hearing of opportunities coming across my associates/family/friends

Avoiding Information Overload

Tweet Whew!  The last few days have been a doozy for me—personally and professionally.  Feels like

The Power of Relationships

Tweet Okay, so you know how I do.  I think I think from the back of